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Eye Exam Services

Insurance Information:

Medical Insurance: Pediatric Vision Associates is considered OUT of network on all medical insurance plans. If a medical diagnosis is found during your child's evaluation, we will provide all procedure and diagnosis codes for you to submit to your child's medical insurance for possible reimbursement.


Vision Insurance: Pediatric Vision Associates is an open-access provider on all vision insurance plans for Comprehensive Eye Exams. As an open-access provider, we are not in-network, but we can provide you with services/materials and still utilize your insurance benefits/coverage. Please contact the office for information on your coverage. If you do not have vision insurance benefits, we are happy to see you as a cash pay patient or through our EyeQ Club. The EyeQ club provides additional discounts on services and materials.

Comprehensive Eye Exam $150

Includes health evaluation, refraction, binocular vision evaluation, visual field, and color testing.



Join our EyeQ club for $150/year or $15/month. 


Contact lens evaluation $100

Corneal health assessment, contact lens fitting, trial of contact lenses, and one follow-up visit. 


Same Day Glasses - Starting at $100

We have a variety of kid-friendly frames to choose from and simple lens options. 


Additional visual processing testing $200

Additional testing through Center for Better Learning includes: 

• Handwriting 
• Primary Reflex Integration
• Laterality/Directionality/Motor Skills 
• Dyslexia Screening 

• ReadAlyzer (Tracking) 

• Visual Perceptual Battery

• Auditory-Visual Processing 

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